Chinook Regional Foundation for Career Transitions is committed to improving access to career development resources and information for youth, including students in Grades 7 - 12, and out-of-school youth who wish to utilize the services.

Six Southwestern Alberta school jurisdictions, involving approximately 10,000 secondary school students, have formed an unprecedented partnership for the purpose of improving the school-to-work transitions for their students. Business, provincial and federal governments, along with other youth serving agencies and parents, are integral members of the community development model employed by the Career Transitions project.

The coordination and implementation of career development activities and programming for youth is at the core of all Career Transitions' initiatives. Student and teacher support relative to career planning is a primary objective and the majority of project activity is directed towards this goal. Project staff assists teachers and students to implement a variety of career development programming employing print materials, video, web sites, guest speakers, community presenters, and youth workshops to assist students with career planning.

The core objectives guide Career Transitions in its development, planning and community activities, these include:

  • Coordinating and implementing career development activities and programming for youth
  • Responding to and supporting identified needs of school partners relative to career development
  • Promoting lifelong learning
  • Supporting the contribution of expertise and resources by project partners
  • Pro moting school-business partnerships