Similar to past years, spaces for each sector are allocated per District. Please contact your District Point Person to determine the number of spots you/your school might have: 

Calvin Christian - William Grisnich
Coaldale Christian - Jenn Slomp
Holy Spirit - Wendy Gurr
Horizon - Kristin Bodnar
Kainai - Shane Wells
Livingstone Range - Christy Bazell
LSD#51 - Jacquie Lowe
Palliser - Jason Kupery
Piikani - Suzanne Crazy Boy
Westwind - Stephen Gibbings

All student registration MUST BE completed through the District Point Person.

Your point person also has access to a Wait List Form - if you have extra students who are interested, please pass that information onto your point person as well.

Please note:  Every SCHOOL must have a supervisor at the event. 

Last year was a very successful event due to the effort put in by the teachers, counsellors and administrators in selecting the right students for the event.  
We greatly appreciate the effort put in and would like to share what some districts did for selection purposes:

  • Students filled in an application "applying" to go
  • Students submitted an essay, outlining why they wanted to attend
  • Teachers recommended students