Welcome to our new EPIC (Exploring Possible Industries and Careers) Day Event!

View videos from our 2017 event below

Wednesday, February 7, 2018 - Exhibition Park

2018 is seeing the addition of another career sector - STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)!  

An exciting addition to our EPIC Day! 

What students can expect from the day:

  • Students will be registered in one of four sectors - Agriculture, Health, STEM or Trades
  • They will meet hosts working in that specific industry during the morning - students can start their own network of contacts.
  • They will participate in interactive displays - rather than just talking to hosts, students will get to experience a small part of the job and gain a greater insight into what the occupation involves.
  • They will learn what it takes to work in that specific industry, including the highlights/lowlights of the job. 
  • After lunch, students will have an opportunity to explore the other three sectors, or return to hosts they might have missed in their sector earlier in the day.

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