We are looking for supporters in all three career sectors that are being highlighted at EPIC Day 2017.

We need professionals from a variety of occupations in Agriculture, Health, and Trades to host interactive booths.  Exhibitors should be comfortable talking casually with high school students and answering a variety of questions.  Students are most engaged when they can try something out.  A short (15-20 minute) planned activity that can be repeated for many students to try out would be ideal. Feel free to bring equipment from your workplace or pictures of your office environment.


This is a new sector event this year... your creativity is the limit on the types of activities students might enjoy. 


Some activities we have seen students participate in and get excited about within health are things like:

  • Starting an IV on an practice mannequin
  • Learning how to suture a wound on a cow’s tongue
  • Putting a cast on a partner’s hand
  • Try on a firefighter’s full safety gear


Some activities we have seen students participate in and get excited about in the trades are things like:

  • Working on a virtual welder
  • Putting together a toilet
  • Laying flooring
  • Designing a room layout
  • Riding up a lift truck
  • Making sushi

These are just some examples we have seen in action but the sky is the limit as to what you can create from your industry.  The goal is to engage the students and allow them to experience one aspect from the career.

  • If this interests you, please contact our office at 403-328-3996.  Look for online registration forms in November.

There are sponsorship opportunities available if your organization is interested in becoming an event partner!

  • If you are interested in financially supporting this event, please contact Judy Stolk-Ingram.