Each fall and spring, Career Transitions has hundreds of students interested participating in a Job Shadow.  As an employer, if you take a Job Shadow student, you are expected to:

1. Provide a safety orientation to your student.
2. Schedule activities and discussion time for you and your student.
3. Provide as much variety as possible to give the student a broad perspective of the occupation.
4. Talk about yourself to give a good overview of what it is like in your field. Students want to hear about your education and experiences as they relate to your occupation.
5. Set a good example, keep things ‘PG Rated’ – students are young, your work environment and conversations will leave a lasting impression on students.

The more inteactive the day, the better experience the student will have. Some interactive ideas include:

  • Introduce your co-workers and give an overview of the organization.
  • Take your student on a tour.
  • Allow activities where appropriate considering safety, training, and supervision.
  • Let your student observe you as you work.
  • Invite questions.
  • Allow the student access to technology (if appropriate) – sample computer tasks, experimenting with layout and design, etc.

If you decide to accept a Job Shadow student, you can expect your student to:

  • Contact you in order to confirm the details for the day.
  • Be a grade 11 or 12 student who is just beginning to explore his or her career options.
  • Be punctual, respectful and professional while in your workplace.
  • Follow all safety procedures as outlined by the supervisor.
  • Accept directions and assignments from supervising personnel.
  • Have a signed oath of confidentiality to present to you.
  • Have completed some research about your occupation and have some questions to ask.
  • Be a little shy and nervous about spending the day with you.
  • Respond to a variety of shorter activities rather than one long activity.

If this interests you, please contact our office at 403-328-3996 and we will see if there is a student match.