Transportation is responsible for the transportation of 3800 students a day including students with special needs.

School Boundaries

If you are new to the City of Lethbridge or moving to another part of the City and would like to know what school your child should be attending, please access the following links or call our Transportation Coordinator at (403) 380-5303.

Transportation Services for Students with Severe Disabilities

Students with identified learning needs are encouraged to walk or access city transit, whenever possible, to support and develop greater independence and life skills.  In the event that a student with significant physical, medical or cognitive disabilities cannot walk or use the city’s transportation services safely Access-A-Ride or an alternative arrangement may provided by the District based on each student's eligibility and Alberta Education regulations.

Students with disabling conditions may qualify for special transportation based on the nature and severity of the disability and the school or program to which the student is approved to attend. These criteria include:

  • Special Education coding and eligibility level
  • Placement in a designated Skill Development Program
  • Distance of 2.4 km from designated school
  • Documentation of the nature and extent of the disability and of the student's ability to be safely transported to and from school
  • Additional information as requested from Student Services

Students with special educational needs are eligible for transportation on a special route based on the severity of their disability and/or functioning level.  Information as to the nature and extent of each student's disabling condition is used to determine eligibility for special bussing. In the event that a student with special educational needs lives within the walking distance (i.e. less than 1.6 km or 2.4 km depending on age) and special transportation is needed, additional documentation may be required. Information may include nature, extent of medical condition, safety concerns and functioning level.

For information on transportation for students with severe disabilities please contact:

Cynthia Parr, Director of Student Services
Phone: (403) 380-5314