After extensive stakeholder consultation, Northern Lights Public Schools identified three division priorities, which are included in its 2017-2020 Three Year Education Plan.

Priority #1 - Northern Lights will improve literacy and numeracy competencies.

Key System Strategies for 2017-2020

  • A number of coaching series have been developed to assist teachers from Kindergarten to Grade 12 with numeracy classroom instruction. 
  • Learning Consultants provide targeted support to teachers to improve numeracy instruction.
  • Benchmarking and diagnostic assessments are used to inform and focus instruction to ensure needs-based programming.
  • The Daily 3 structure is supported to provide math instruction.
  • The Central Office Learning Team (COLT) process is used as a  vehicle to focus dialogue between senior executive and administrators towards building leadership capacity in instruction.
  • Provincial Achievement Test (PAT) and Diploma Exam (PDE) results are used to measure numeracy improvement.

To see our results for 2016-2017, please read our Combined 2016-2017 Annual Education Results Report and 2017-2020 Three-Year Education Plan.